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     PARI Foundation makes use of innovative technology and is further developing it to disseminate knowledge, awareness and prevention of stress and stress related problems, far and wide, and making use of e-technology to reach out to and help as many people as possible.

    1. We use our 7-step stress awareness model of working ,where we connect to, listen to, counsel and educate people to become aware about stress and stress related problems and that stress can be prevented, and if they are in stress how to de-stress, and how to cope effectively with their problems and thereby become more resilient. We also counsel them when to consult a doctor and take medical help if needed, without any fear of stigma.

    2. To reach out to as many people as possible with our 7-step stress awareness model, we organize workshops and seminars in the core hot spot areas where stressors are MORE prevalent eg. in schools, colleges, corporate offices, govt. offices, govt. hospitals, private hospitals, clinics, with automobile driver’s etc, both in rural and urban areas. We use video films and documentary films to spread our message and make it more effective.

    3. Our free telephonic help lines are also available, where people can speak to us and share their problems with our volunteer’s. This is Catharsis and it helps them to de-stress. We plan to further provide free telephonic help line services 24x7x365 where peoples can talk to our volunteer’s and experts and gain solutions to their problem, with complete secrecy and trust in us that their identity will being disclosed.

    4. Use of e-TECHNOLOGY

    (a). e-AWARENESS by Skype and use of other social sites like twitter, facebook, blogs, to connect to people and spread awareness of Stress and it’s related problems and to help the people acknowledge and try to solve their problems themselves. This is also known as COPING with stress. If they are not able to cope up, we advice them to take professional help.

    With further help and support from Govt. and other private agencies, in the near future we plan to reach out to far flung remote areas and convey our message about STRESS AWARENESS, as well as communicate with people via video-conferencing.

    (b). We use e-DETECTION methods to detect people who are prone to being stressed, or those who ARE stressed. We also measure the severity of their stress-levels by E-DETECTION technique where we use our e-DETECTION “stress e-questionnaires” available freely on- line on our website.

    (c). e-DETECTION of people in stress is also done by e-mails and other social communications methods like facebook and twitter, where we answer all stress related queries mailed/messaged to us by our viewer’s.

    (d). PARI Foundation is providing a free Mobile Application with the help of OUR Partner’s, PUPIL’S MOBILE, to parents/children, who wish to use it and reach out to us, for solutions to their stress related problems.

    5. We believe in results and measure our progress by the responses we get from the people when they avail access to us by e-QUESTIONNAIRES/telephonic calls/ e-MAILS. Our e-FEEDBACK system ensures continuous communications and efforts to provide solutions to persons in need.