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(1) Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Awareness and Prevention.

PARI FOUNDATION is specially focused on providing comprehensive awareness and solutions to address public health problems like Child Sexual Abuse (CSA), where there is a wide spread agreement that stress may contribute to Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and also the abused child goes through a lot of stress leading to PTSD, anger, aggression in the child.

(2) Drug Abuse Awareness and Prevention.

Stress is reported to be number one cause of drug abuse in the youth and often leads to relapse and further substance abuse.

(3) Suicide Prevention and Depression Awareness

(4) Anger and Aggression Management.

(5) Psychosomatic Disorders and Hysteria Awareness campaigns.

(6) School Stress and Child behavioural problems and their solutions.

(7) Learning Disorder’s, Slow Learners, Mental Retardation, ADHD, conduct disorders, PDD Awareness Programmes.

(8) Good--Parenting Skills, Adolescent Mental Health Issues, Career and Adjustment problems in the youth Awareness Programmes.