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    We educate and spread awareness about the HAZARDS OF STRESS and how it can lead to various consequences like substance abuse, depression leading to suicides, other psychiatric and psychological problems, if not checked in time. We also advocate that stress is preventable, only if people are aware of this fact and learn how to adaptively cope with the situations they face. We want to reach out to more and more people everywhere, and take our programme to the doorstep of the poorest of the poor. Technology is a boon and has provided leverage to this endeavour.

    Students studying in a stress-free environment where they experience minimal school/ parental stress or expectations, and who manage to keep their own stress at bay, perform better in their studies and career’s. We strongly feel and believe that a stress-free person is a happy person who is more efficient and productive in his/her work. Thereby such people work more, work better, and hence can self-sustain themselves and their family by earning more. A stress –free society is a human resource, which is more productive in terms of it’s efficiency at work and this alleviates poverty from the society.


     Shift from “Distress To De-Stress”



    Mental illness is a scar on the face of all humanity, which alienates people from the main stream. The stigma associated with mental illness, makes matters worse for them. We try to heal this malady, together with our partners & supporters.

    We will try to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set by the UNDP of ‘Good Health and Well Being’ and ‘No Poverty‘ for all by 2030.

    Prevention of stress and mental illness is a possibility today, with Awareness, Knowledge and Education. Psycho-education and Awareness are the key words.

    We try to strengthen the emotional and mental well being of people, especially that of children and youth, in our project areas, so that there is a happy society.


     To develop sustainable, scalable, replicable and cost-effective models of stress and mental health awareness, so that we can bring about a ‘social change’ in the society. Our main focus is to share knowledge, educate and bring about a mind-set change in the society about the hazards of stress, it’s related problems, it’s prevention and management.


     Is of a happy, healthy, resilient society where children are nurtured in a stress-free and happy environment, by stress-free parents and where everyone lives a life with dignity.


     STRESS, we believe, is the root cause of many of our problems today, and it should not be accepted as an acknowledged inevitability. Good Mental and Emotional Health leads to Good Physical Health and a happy society.


     Advocacy with the District Administration and other Philanthropic organizations to reach out to as many stakeholders as possible, in the society (students, teachers, parents and others).

    Sensitization of all important stakeholders. Trainings and workshops are also conducted.

    Implementation of our Programmes

    Sustainability – Community involvement and monitoring mechanisms to track improvements help towards long term sustenance of the initiative.