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    1. Our primary aim is to reach out to as many people as possible, in every nook and corner, of the world with innovative technology and try to improve their mental/emotional well-being, especially that of children and adolescents, by spreading Awareness about STRESS and it’s ill-effects on one’s mental, physical and emotional well being. We follow our “7-step Stress Awareness Model” to ensure this.

    2. To spread awareness and prevention of “stress-related-problems” like Psychosomatic Diseases, PTSD, depression, suicides, hysteria, drug abuse, adolescent health issues, children behaviour problems, etc.

    3. To spread awareness about Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) in children and their parents and about its prevention. An abused child will be a stressed child, and inevitably the abuser is also in stress. It has often been reported that an abused child, turns into an abuser later in life. This vicious cycle has to be broken. We empower/educate children how to be aware, assertive and take care and speak up/talk/tell their parents if they are victim to this abuse. We teach them to differentiate between “the good and the bad touch”.

    4. We encourage people to reach out to friends or family member’s who are stressed or need help.

    5. Peer support works. Knowing that someone else understands what you’re going through can help you explain experiences. We help form such Peer support groups.

    6. Create teams of socially inclined people who want to help, like physicians, therapists, counsellors and more and make it a "together" opportunity/teamwork to provide help and education. Silo mentality is NOT allowed or tolerated.